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Ecological Olive-Oil Production Plant

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    This is ecological olive oil plant. This type of plant is useful for the environment because no black water exits from the plant. Product output is with 2 phases. These outputs are olive-oil and olive-pomace oil. Operation temperature is 28 celcius degree. That's why, at the end of this plant, the quality you get is the same as extra virgin oil.

   As the decanter has two phases there is only an output of %50 or %70 moisturized pomace depending on the processed olive and oil. The BLACK WATER can not be seen as we do not use water in our machine. For this reason, we save approximately daily 15 metric tons of water (app. 900 MT for places where season duration is 60 day seasons) fuel to warm up this water, the cost of pools to keep the waste and the land for pools.

 The oil rate of the pomace that goes out decanter is calculated as 2,2% or 3,5% as a result of tests that are done.


 A-Olive carrying machine

 1. Olive carrying line

2. Leaf aspirator

3. Olive washing machine

4. Feeding screw conveyor for the crasher

   B- Paste Prepare Unit

 1. Olive crasher

2. Moduler mixer

3. Decanter

4. Vibration sieve

5. Paste pump

6. Oil pump

7. Cake carrying line

 C- Control Panel

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Product Name
: Ecological Olive-Oil Production Plant