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Kobi-A Progressive Biodiesel Processor

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KOBI-A is a progressive process. It is composed of three parts:

 1-Mixing reactor tank
2-Washing unit
3-Resting tank
In the first stage; it is made with the same method as in KOBI-M. Biodiesel is sent to washing tank,which is second stage, after biodiesel is departed from glycerin. The process may be repeated by filling the first tank with raw material.
In the second stage; biodiesel, that is loaded into the washing tank, and hot water, that comes from the first tank, are washed by the pressurized sprey. You may repeat this process more than one. Then dirty water, which is subsided, is decomposed from the biodiesel and after this process it is sent to the third stage which is resting tank. It is adviced you to work with stock because the good has to wait 3 days in resting tank. At the end of third day, you can use your biodiesel with sure touch. When you want to fill your vehicle up with biodiesel, firstly run diesel pump. Then biodiesel passes through diesel fitler (50 micron) and then it reaches to the diesel gun after passing through diesel counter. In this way, you can fill up your vehicle with  biodiesel by reading the meter according to your need.

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Product Name
: Kobi-A Progressive Biodiesel Processor