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KOBI-Y Semi-Automatic Biodiesel Processor

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Working principle is same as the system in KOBI-A. In this system, autocontrol is applied during the stage.
After reactoin process finishes, machine stops automatically. When the glycerin sedimentation process finishes, you are warned by alarm. Then you disburden glycerin and send biodiesel to the washing tank. In here, valves are automatically being opened and being closed. Machine washes the product automatically and waits dirty water to subside. When dirty water subsides completely, you are warned by an alarm. After dirty water is disburdened, biodiesel is sent to the resting tank. By the way, valves are automatically being opened and closed during all these processes. When you want to fill biodiesel to your vehicle, you first push the diesel pump button and then you may fill up your car with biodiesel according to your need.
System informations:
-Gradual Process
-Automatically controlled valves
-Automatic washing
-Warning lamp
-High quality product
-Comfort in production
Capacities: 200lt/batch , 400lt/batch

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Product Name
: KOBI-Y Semi-Automatic Biodiesel Processor