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Filtration Press

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Model : KFP 50 Capacity  for biodizel; 500 lt/ hr

                                                for oil; 250 lt/ hr

Model : KFP 100 Capacity  for biodizel; 1000 lt/ hr

                                                for oil; 500 lt/ hr

Model : KFP 200 Capacity  for biodizel; 2000 lt/ hr

                                                for oil; 1000 lt/ hr

Working principle of filter presses is used in 3 types:

1. it is used for taking waxes out of biodiesel after washing
2. it is used for filtration of cakes in raw oil which comes out of oil press
3. it is used for taking lees out from used fried oils.
Different filter fabric is used for each work!!!

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Product Name
: Filtration Press