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Canola Oil Press

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This model was especially developed for farmers and it can be operated by 220V home electricity. The aim of producing this machine is to give chance to our farmers to produce their own biodiesel by making oil by utilizing this machine. So that the farmers will be able to produce their own biodiesel with cost of euro 1,57. Capacity of this canola oil press is 200lt/day and residual oil-cake is used as animal feed.

Also there are models that are worked with industry electricity. Their capacities are between 400lt/day and 1000lt/day. Advantages of cold oil presses are:

1-Low energy consumption. 
2-Low glycerine ratio (approx 5%) in biodiesel producing process.

3-Able to be consumed as animal feed.
4-High quality oil cake as side product.

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You can also press the following list of seeds:
Canola, Flax, Susame, Sunflower, Hemp, Hazelnut, Peanut, Cotton, Arrow-root, Poppy, Grape, Rapeseed, Linseed, Cumin, Mustard, Poppy, Nettle, Bitter almond, Kernel,Tomato, Rosehip, Sunflower, Safflower, Wanut, Appricot Kernel etc.

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Product Name
: Canola Oil Press